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X10 is an international and open industry standard for communication among devices used for home automation.  It primarily uses power line wiring for signalling and control, where the signals involve brief radio frequency bursts representing digital information.  A radio based transport is also defined.  Typical applications are:

  •     Lamps: on/off & dim
  •     Fans: on/off
  •     Doors: open/close
  •     Chimes: ring
  •     Thermostats: Heat/cool, up/down

We are X10 Pro certified installers with the ability and knowledge to outfit any application with X10 Pro automation products.  X10 Pro provides automation solutions that can fit all possible applications from simple lighting control setups to advanced complete home automation. 

We do many X10 Pro systems for individuals with disabilities who need the ease of home automation solutions.  The most common application is for lighting control. 

Please contact us to explain how X10 Pro can best fit your living conditions.

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